What Are the Most Popular Celebrity Diets? – Which Diets Do the Celebrities Use to Lose Weight?

The Most  Popular  Celebrity  Diets  are the ones that have us talking and thinking that we can duplicate the results of our favorite celebrity. We all want the body of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Kylie Minogue right. Of course we do, but what will it cost us to go on one of these  diets , can we actually believe that the celebrities who are endorsing that  diet  are actually using it. What gimmick is the ploy to get us to buy into that weigh loss plan?

I’ve done the research for you and I will tell you that it’s not cheap to utilize some of the Most  Popular  Celebrity  diets .

  • The Zone  Diet – is one of the Most  Popular  Celebrity  Diets , it consists of a membership to Dr. Sears’ website (it’s free), they recommend that you eat balanced meals (that’s good too), but they want you to buy their supplements. The two supplements they recommend you take are the Omega-3 (fish oil) and the polyphenols (anti-oxidant). These 2 products alone can cost you about $70.00 a month. Now imagine buying their shakes too. Not to mention you still have to buy your own groceries.
  • The Atkins  Diet – Don’t even get me started on why this  diet  is not good for you. When you are forced to go on a low carbohydrate  diet  you will lose weight quickly but the chances of you keeping the weight off is slim. That is why you’ll hear people say “The Atkins  Diet  worked for me, I’m probably going back on it to lose the weight again” If you ever hear someone say they need to go back on the same  diet  they were on before to lose the weight they gained back, that’s a  diet  you don’t want to try because chances are it’s not a good program that you will want to stick to for the long term.
  • Sugar Busters- This  diet  consists of lessening your sugar intake. By doing this you will lower you insulin production that causes you to convert excess sugar to fat. This is a great idea but without guidance to your specific likes and dislikes. You can buy the main book about the  diet  plan and you can also purchase the cookbook to accompany the program. Chances are you won’t read the book and the meals will not be customized for your specific taste. If you are as picky as I am about the food you eat this is probably not for you.

After all of the research is done and over with and you are still left wondering which celebrity you should trust and which  diet  will not rip you off. You are left with no more answers and probably more questions.

I’ve found one product that is easy to implement and if you can cook some simple recipes you will be well on your way to losing weight like the Most  Popular  Celebrity  Diets  and it won’t cost you nearly as much. In fact you will probably be saving money in the long run, because some of the expensive foods you buy like potato chips and ice cream will be out of the equation.

Strip That Fat is the premier weight loss software. Strip That Fat will leave all of the Most  Popular  Celebrity  Diets  in the dust. This software is so easy to use, you can select your favorite foods and you will get a 14 day meal plan that is customized to the foods you like to eat. It will even print you out a shopping list so there is no more guessing. Pretty soon you will look like you’ve been on one of the Most  Popular  Celebrity  Diets  and you’ll be happy knowing that it did not cost you nearly as much.

Top & Popular Celebrity Diets – Best Diets Celebrities Use to Lose Weight

Every time you look at magazines or watch Hollywood movies, you will be barraged with images of celebrities with their gorgeous bodies. You can even hear of how a celebrity who has been branded “fat” would suddenly slim down to one loved figure. When asked how they made it, their answers would usually become another weight loss craze. However, most of us might not be able to afford their personal chefs and their trainers. Well, for those who can, here are the top and popular celebrity diets for weight loss:

1. Weight Watchers will be synonymous to Jenny McCarthy and Duchess Sarah Ferguson, who both owe their figures to this diet

2. Atkins Diet was made famous by Renee Zellwegger, Kate Hudson, Calista Flockhart, and Rihanna.

3. 5 Factor Plan was created by celebrity trainer Harvey Pasternak, which was meant to help schedule-crunched celebrities eat properly even when on the go. Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, and Katherine Heigl benefited from this plan.

4. Eat Right 4 Your Type is a plan that is designed around a person’s blood type and is created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Jenny Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elizabeth Hurley took the doctor’s advice.

5. Jenny Craig involves a counselor who gives advices plus meals being delivered to homes. Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli, Kristie Alley, and Joy Behar lost weight through this plan.

6. Master Cleanse, also known as Maple Syrup or Lemonade diet, sticks with celebrity names Beyonce and Denzel. The diet’s approach is more on detoxification and weight loss.

7. Vegetarian diet is the way to go for Pamela Anderson, Thom Yorke, Andre 3000, Cassey Affleck, Heather Mills, and Natalie Portman.

8. 3 Hour Plan is advised by trainer Jorge Cruise for stars like Jessica Biel and Heidi Klum. The plan is to eat every three hours throughout the day.

9. Hollywood Cookie Plan made its way to Mandy Moore, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson’s lives. The cookie replaces breakfast, lunch, and mid-day snacks.

10. Acai Berry is promoted by TV Host Star Oprah and is known for its detoxification, anti-aging, and weight loss effects.

Why Popular Fat Loss Diets Fail

I have been an avid observer of fat loss diets for over 30 years. As the years have come and gone, each new decade seems to reinvent the path to a Mecca of easily trimmed tummies and fabulous gluteus areas.

The sad reality is that as each new dietary path to a fat resolution comes along, it does so by completely trashing the tenants enthroned as the dieter’s saving grace of predeceasing fat loss diets.

At times, the reversal of dietary tactics is so complete dieters may as well swap the banned list of foods from one diet to the top fat loss champions of another. All these dietary crusades have done is to completely confuse, depress and frustrate a populace with an ever-expanding beltline.

The Diet Hits Parade

Popular fat loss diets spanning the decades are varied and colorful. Some fat diet plans reduce fat intake to nil based on the premise that the body wouldn’t make fat from food sources other than fat. The success rate was minimal.

The high carb diets enthroned pastas as the king cuisine. Eating pasta morning, noon and night, American men and women sought for beach body perfection. The results were short lived.

Some of my favorite fad diets I term as “nothing but” diets. These fat loss diets espouse the idea that eating only one food, or food group is the best way to target weight loss. Whoever began promoting the cabbage as a magical conduit for ridding one’s thighs of that “last five pounds” must have had shares in cabbage farms because there really is no other explanation.

The best-known total reversal diet plans are newcomers. These plans call for the reduction of all carbohydrate intake including certain fruits and vegetables whose glycemic index is too high. Broccoli is defamed and shunned, while bacon is enthroned as a perfectly healthy fat loss option.

There is also a classic diet plan set comprised of different plans with different calculations and different names yet they all boil down to the same thing: ludicrously low caloric intakes.

Different Diet Plan, Same Failure

In the last 30 years, the net result of the ever-revolving fad diet sensation is the fattest American public in known history. Diabetes rates are skyrocketing with this disease being named the number one health threat to adults today. There has been only marginal improvement in other major health disorders like heart disease and lifestyle linked cancers.

Ultimately, Americans are confused, over-stressed and without any real answers. Popular media outlets promote fad diets one night, and then outline the health horrors brought on by the confusing facts of real nutrition the next.

Bottom line–if dieters want real answers, quality fat loss diets and an overall healthy body, the answer is not found in fad fat loss diets no matter how many bestselling books they spawn or how popular they become.

Most Popular Fad Diets

Losing weight is such a debatable topic these days. Some people would say the “after 6pm” diet is effective while others would say the “South Beach Diet” is best. Left and right you hear of innovative and silly fad diets being introduced all the time. Silly though it may seem but so many are willing to try it just to find out if they are indeed effective or not. Here are some of the popular fad diets:

South Beach Diet

This diet is said to be very effective as it allows a person to lose weight at a short period of time. You will be asked to consume healthy fats and carbohydrates. Refraining from eating high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, this diet allows people to lose weight at the same time avoid cardiovascular problems.

Cabbage Soup Diet

This is the most recent fad diet that is based on the theory that cabbage has fat-burning components. You are supposed to take this soup for a whole week together with certain food and expect a loss of at least 10 lbs. This diet is rich in fiber, low in fat and carbohydrate which is good because too much fat and carbohydrate will allow you to increase weight at a short period of time. This soup also helps to detoxify your body.

After 6pm Diet

A person who wants to go into this diet should eat dinner before 6pm every day. After which, you are not allowed to consume any food until the following morning. Since food consumption at night is difficult to digest, it is best to have an early dinner before 6pm.

The Acai Berry Diet

Popularized by Dr. Perricone at the Oprah Winfrey Show with the talk show host herself signifying the effectiveness, it has become a sought after fad diet. Consuming this herbal product is beneficial for colon cleansing while you are on a diet regimen. It also increases the body’s metabolism that effectively aids losing weight.

The Atkins Diet

This popular diet allows a person to consume low fat, low carbohydrate food. The moment you stop taking these, your body will burn your body’s stored resources. However, it is required that you should eat more protein in exchange to this so that it will provide necessary strength needed by your body. This diet may be effective but you will see results happening over time.

The list of fad diets can go and on but it is important to lose weight following a healthy and safe procedure. Proper diet and constant exercise will allow a person to lose weight and be healthy.

Popular and Effective Diets For Weight Loss

Medical research shows that if a person eats improper food and takes in excessive nutrition, they will become fat. Obesity not only affects the physical fitness of a person, but also is an important factor for some diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and calculus. In recent years, many foreign experts and scholars have made extensive and in-depth research to help people lose weight based on diet control, and they have proposed a lot of effective ways.

First, eating meals earlier.
American medical scientists point out that, meal time is very important for losing or gaining of the weight. It is even much more important than the amount and quality of the food people take in. The metabolic status of human body is different at different times during the day. Generally speaking, the metabolism becomes vigorous gradually after you get up in the morning, and it will reach the peak status during 8 to 12 am. Therefore, people who want to lose weight can arrange the meal time a little earlier than that. Breakfast can be arranged before 6 am, and lunch at about 10 am.

Second, slow down the speed of eating.
After relevant researches, Japanese scholars find out that slowing down the speed of eating can help people lose weight. Researchers point out that, when the food enters into human body, the blood sugar in the body will rise. When the it rises to a certain level, the food center in the brain will send out a signal to stop eating. So if a person eats too fast, when the brain sends out the signal, he often has eaten too much food.

Third, vegetables and fruits diet.
American medical scientists suggest that, eating more fruits and vegetables can help lose weight. Meat is very easy to transform into fat, which will be stored in the body and make people fat. Protein or carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables are not easily changed into fat, especially green vegetables containing no sugar, which are more effective for weight loss. Fruits and vegetables diet means to take vegetables and fruits as the main food, do not eat cereal or meat, so as to significantly reduce the total intake of calories and fat in the diet.

Fourth, vinegar diet.
In recent years, vinegar diet is a fashionable and new method to lose weight the in United States. Researchers believe that the acetic acid in vinegar can not only consume the fat in human body, but also can maintain the normal metabolism of sugar and protein. According to the studies, if the people suffering from obesity drinks 15ml to 20 ml of vinegar every day, his weight can be reduced by about 3 kilograms within a month.

People who want to lose weight may try the above methods, and it probably may bring you some magic effects.